Surgimatix is a medical device startup pioneering novel, proprietary platform technology that delivers suture-like fixation with a simple squeeze of the handle, cost effectively for surgeons performing minimally invasive procedures.


"I’ve had a long-standing interest in research and innovation that directly address clinical needs that my colleagues and I face in taking care of patients. With Surgimatix, we assembled a talented team of clinicians, engineers, and medical device specialists to develop these solutions. We’re excited about the broad applicability of our first-of-its-kind surgical fixation platform and look forward to carrying it into the clinical arena. We’ve brought on a multi-disciplinary management team of industry veterans who are accelerating our drive toward commercialization and development of pipeline applications, allowing me to further focus on clinical work and teaching."

Jafar Hasan, MD, MBA, FACS, Co-Founder, Surgimatix.

"Our approach at Surgimatix is to imagine a much better way to perform laparoscopic soft tissue fixation. We look for a significant unmet clinical need with a large market opportunity. Adoption of new medical device products requires a deep understanding of product/market fit and an experienced cross-functional team of researchers & clinical advisors, engineers, project management, regulatory, finance, and commercial experts who are excited by the possibilities and are committed to the work. We execute with focus and discipline to advance the practice of medicine through our products for surgeons, health systems, and patients, and to generate attractive returns for shareholders and team members."

Jane Kiernan, CEO, Surgimatix.

"Today, the term Innovation is overused and overapplied. Actual Innovation occurs when an invention changes how people conduct their lives to achieve astonishing results. The Surgimatix fixation technology exemplifies this with a novel approach to new product innovation. By returning physicians to the essentials of successful tissue healing, namely volumetric suture fixation, true innovation has been realized."

John Crombie, Medical Device Inventor & Entrepreneur, and Medical Device Industry Veteran, J&J.

“The aproxim8 has a breadth of applications where laparoscopic suturing is the current standard of care. This is a breakthrough technology where a single product addresses workarounds, while improving reliability and reducing time spent in the OR. The product unlocks new value for both patients and healthcare in a way that few other devices can.”

David Schaller, Director Engineering, Surgimatix.

“The design of handles/touch points for surgical tools and instruments we use have changed very little in 30+ years. The emerging data about how ergonomics impacts much of what a surgeon does will change how we work and how products are developed. This is an extremely important consideration as the national and global demographics of our profession change with more women surgeons.”

Ian S. Soriano, MD is an Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and Surgeon Champion, ACS-NSQIP at the UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center; Chair, Education Committee of the Society of Surgical Ergonomics.

"My primary considerations when utilizing a new surgical device or tool include: Is this better for patients? Does this facilitate a new procedure? Does this reduce operative time and operative pain?"

Eric M Pauli, MD FACS FASGE is the David L Nahrwold Professor of Surgery and the Chief of the Division of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery at the Penn State Health Milton S Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA. Currently serves as a board member of The Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and The American Hernia Society.

“ I welcome innovation in the space. Fixation is important. We haven’t found the ideal technique and/or products. We have a long way to go as there is an opportunity to learn about better ways to deliver fixation of mesh in minimally invasive surgery.”

William Hope, M.D. FACS is Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Past President of the Americas Hernia Society and is a board member of the Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative.

“With so many surgeons requiring robotics as their only choice to accomplish suture-based fixation to the abdominal wall, wait times and access have become and issue that has the potential to be solved with the use of absorbable based suture fixation in a device that doesn’t require a robot.”

Christopher Schneider, MD, FACS, is a general surgery specialist in Dayton, OH. Dr. Schneider is Assistant Professor of Surgery at Wright State University Boonshoft College of Medicine in the Department of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery.



Received First Patent

To date, 43 active and issued patents and additional applications pending.


Strengthened Clincal and Industry Experience, Obtained FDA 510(k) Clearance

Indication for Use: “The Surgimatix Absorbable Fixation System is indicated for the approximation of soft tissue and fixation of surgical mesh to tissues during open or laparoscopic surgical procedures, such as hernia repair.”


Expanded Team & Executed Development and Commercialization Plan

Hired CEO, VP Operations & Engineering, and Established Board. Engaged Expert Capabilities – Engineering [relevant medical device experience] & Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board. Commenced Series A financing.


Complete Pre-commercialization Activities

Optimize aproxim8™ device for manufacturability and ergonomics. Transfer to contract manufacturer. Controlled human-use release to generate data for case series. Close series A financing.


Launch aproxim8

In first indication, and pursue regulatory filings for expanded use and partner. Raise next round of financing. Build commercial team. Expand adoption of aproxim8.


Jane Kiernan

CEO & Interim CFO

Jafar Hasan


Michael Shoup

VP, Operations & Engineering

William Roff

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

David Schaller

Director Engineering

Danny Capua


Adam Saban


John Crombie


Bryan Knodel


John Dichiara


Gary Kobylewski

Model Maker & Surgical Technologist

Design Transfer & Manufacturing Team

We are pleased to announce that Surgimatix has selected Paragon Medical of Mansfield, MA as our Contract Manufacturing Partner.  Surgimatix recognizes that having the right partner is critical to leveraging our in-house capabilities, quickly and reliably achieving our commercialization goals, and maximizing the company’s overall value.  Paragon has a proven track record developing, scaling-up, and manufacturing high-volume, low cost, complex sterile medical devices, and our fully executed development, design verification and manufacturing transfer Agreements align their incentives with the success of Surgmatix and future stratiegic and distribution partners.

-Michael Shoup, VP Operations and Engineering

Surgeon Advisors

Karen Noblett


Eric Pauli


Chris Schneider


Business Advisors

Surgimatix has engaged an impressive group of highly experienced, networked medical device leaders with a track record of creating significant value through their business acumen, financial, and operational experience. These individuals are motivated to improve the delivery of healthcare, help early-stage companies succeed, and generate attractive returns.

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Surgeon Advisors [Consultants] are paid by Surgimatix.