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Surgimatix is Innovating

Soft Tissue Fixation in

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgimatix is pioneering innovative patented devices that deliver suture-like fixation with a simple squeeze of the handle, cost effectively for surgeons and hospital systems in minimally invasive procedures

The Gold Standard for Fixation: Suturing


The Problem: Laparoscopic Suturing is Difficult


Hands Seperated from Surgical Field


Anatomical and Tissue Differences


Significant Time and Effort

Introducing the

An innovative, proprietary, soft tissue fixation technology for minimally invasive surgical procedures

The Fastener is made of polydioxanone, a bioabsorbable suture that is flexible and monofilamentous

Compared to conventional tackers, the aproxim8has two suture needles that guide the fastener through the mesh and tissue, replicating a figure-of-eight like stitch

In Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair models, the aproxim8 has demonstrated

Average holding strength compared to market leading device*

Greater tissue capture compared to market leading device*


Fewer implants required compared to market leading device*
*Test Data on File

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